Strategy Builder

Strategy Builder

Screen, build and test unique investment strategies

Strategy Builder enables you to define and evaluate well-suited strategies for selecting investment candidates using both fundamental and technical analysis. These strategies include multi-factor investment models which can be chosen from a pre-built library or created by the investor.

Create a strategy to search for stocks based on your criteria

Build an investing strategy leveraging Strategy Builder’s library of over 65 factors including fundamental, technical and quantitative criteria. See the number of matching instruments on the fly and get a list of matches including their rank against the strategy.

Have confidence in your strategies

Once a strategy has been defined, it can be backtested to see how it would have worked historically. Strategy Builder’s integrated historical database enables strategy backtesting using several methods over a five year historical period. The performance of your strategy can be plotted against an index for comparison purposes.

Share and learn through our community screens

Users can optionally share their strategy with a community of Strategy Builder users. You may browse strategies in the community, viewing them either chronologically or ranked by strategy performance.

A valuable tool for all investors

A rich library of screening criteria, built-in education and integrated performance backtesting makes Strategy Builder a valuable tool for all investors.

  • Educational Materials: Learn the key concepts of "fair value", how select stocks and how much to pay with our simplified educational material.
  • Traffic Light: A simple indicator presented as a traffic light tells investors whether a stock is overvalued, near-fair value or even undervalued.
  • Featured Value Stocks: Out of ideas? Not a problem! Our pre-screened ideas are organized by industry and serve as a jumping off point.
  • Value Lookup: Have a specific stock in mind? Use the easy search bar to get immediate insight on its current value!

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