Meet our improved MT4 Indicators.

Here at Trading Central, we never stop innovating. We’ve been working hard to improve the actionable TC tools presently offered within MT4. We’ve consolidated our indicator to focus on providing only the best, intuitive experiences for your customers. Find out what’s now available:

  • Modernized design for interactive experiences
  • Now serving more traders with in 7 languages

Easy, streamlined, self-updating installation

We’ve designed our new installer to ensure your customers have a simple, intuitive experience. The installed plugin will automatically update whenever there are new releases, we’ve removed excess steps such as requiring admin access.

The new redesigned MT4 installer has been streamlined to ensure that traders have a branded and efficient experience when installing the Trading Central Indicators. The installed plugin will automatically update when there are new feature releases for a new “install once and forget it” experience. We have also removed steps from the installation process: traders no longer need to have Admin access, and they don’t need to follow extra steps to setup DLL and other settings in the MT4 interface.

The installer is now offered in the following languages. English, French, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Russian, German​. We make it easier for traders to adopt our services when they can operate in their language of choice!

We have consolidated our indicator offering to focus on three indicators in order to simplify communication and adoption: Analyst Views, Adaptive Candlesticks, ADC.

Modernized interface that will wow your customers

We’ve added contextual explanations to our Analyst Views indicator. Traders can hover over each level to identify which levels are targets, where they might make profits, what is the pivot level and more! Did we mention… Our new colour scheme looks great in both light and dark MT4 themes! TC Indicators are now using a colour palette that allows them to be seen clearly on both light and dark MT4 themes.

The Analyst Views indicator now has has contextual explanations. Traders can hover on each level to identify which levels are targets, where they might take profits, what is the pivot level,
and more.




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