Trading Central launches new innovation lab in Sophia Antipolis

Following twenty years of success within financial markets, Trading Central has launched an innovation unit labeled “Trading Central Labs” in the French Riviera’s technology park, Sophia Antipolis. Headed by fintech pioneer Jérôme Favresse, the new division will focus on developing the firm’s new artificial intelligence algorithms, alternative data streams and bold new ways to better support investment decisions in the ever-evolving digital space. TC Labs is expected to begin innovating immediately with a focus on building concrete, easy-to-deploy solutions that expand the Trading Central group’s award-winning product suite.


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Featured Ideas: Now in MetaTrader!

Meet the Featured Ideas for MT4/5...

For the first time, Trading Central's chart pattern recognition is available directly within MetaTrader! With Featured Ideas now available within MT4/5, it's never been easier to deliver actionable and personalized trade ideas to your FX traders!



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TC recognized as one of "Most Influential FinTech Companies of 2019"

At Trading Central we pride ourselves on our mission to successfully support investors through innovation. We keep this goal at the core of everything we do, creating a dynamic and continuously growing list of investor-centric innovations that facilitate confident, educated tradedecisions. Our patented pattern recognition applications continually scan 89 markets globally to provide an unparalleled breadth of coverage of over 75,000 instruments.  Meanwhile our insightful analysis and investment research tools enable users to find and validate suitable investment opportunities based on their individual preferences, optimize the timing of their trades, continually learn about markets and enjoy running their own portfolios.



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Technical Insight wins "Best Specialist Product"

The Technical Analyst Awards 2018, London

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Every year The Technical Analyst recognizes the very best in technical analysis and trading software and this year, that included Technical Insight.


On May 24th, Trading Central attended The Technical Analyst Awards Ceremony in London after being selected as a finalist in six categories including "Best Independent Research House for Multi-Asset Research" and "Best Specialist Product". For more information on the research that caught the attention of this year's judges, please view Trading Central's online award submission.

Surrounded by other industry leaders, CEO Alain Pellier was present to receive the award for 2018's "Best Specialist Product". "At Trading Central, we're proud to offer analytics that enable investors to enjoy running their own portfolios and we're thrilled to be recognized within the industry for this initiative," said Trading Central CEO, Alain Pellier.

This award follows the recent wave of improvements to the flagship product which has been trusted by leading online investment platforms since 2001. These updates focused on providing responsive experiences, advanced filtering capabilities, modernized charting and idea generation fueled by popular sentiment. Collectively, these features enable investors to find new trade opportunities based on "what's trending" in their regions, to learn what different patterns mean for a stock price, the ability to find suitable investment candidates and to stay continually informed on market movement... even on the go!

Read the Technical Analyst press release for more details!










Learn why investors are loving Technical Insight: 

Learn more about our award-winning product here!

Trading Central launches its new Shanghai office

Live, interactive & personalized experiences are here.

By TC Marketing


Following 18 years of success in financial research and market commentary, the Trading Central Group opened the doors to its new Shanghai office in the Huangpu District on March 20th, 2017. The firm will hold a Grand Opening ceremony on June 20th to celebrate this recent expansion.

“The move to Shanghai represents an important step forward in our global development strategy, following our successful expansion from Paris to London (2002), New York (2006), Hong Kong (2010) and Ottawa (2015)” said Alain Pellier, Chairman and CEO of Trading Central. “This decision was an obvious one thanks to our local clients’ renewed trust and support. Our Chinese colleagues are a key component of our international team. Our presence in Shanghai reflects the excellent work accomplished by them and our sincere desire to serve locally our fast growing clientele in China.”

Trading Central delivers investing analysis to help investors actively participate in financial markets and optimize their trading strategies. With a diverse product offering including analyst expertise, patented chart pattern recognition and insightful analytics, the group offers turnkey and bespoke solutions for brokers, investment professionals and traders alike.

The Group’s rapid growth over the past 18 years and nine-year track record as Technical Analyst Awards finalists are true measures of its success.


Those interested in Trading Central’s services are encouraged to contact:

Jeffrey Zhang, China General Manager,, +86 21 6122 1191

Jimmy Feng, China Business Development Director,, +86 21 6122 1189


Trading Central China Ltd

One Corporate Avenue

Suite 1541, 15/F

No.222 Hubin Road, Huangpu District

Shanghai 200021



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Trading Central’s Featured Ideas; empowering today’s forex traders

Live, interactive & personalized experiences are here.

By TC Marketing


On  May  4,  Trading Central partnered  with  Just2Trade  to offer traders their latest innovation;  Featured Ideas for Forex  Traders.  The product identifies personalized trade ideas in real-time and partners it with a transparent commentary that helps users learn about technical analysis.

Featured Ideas represents the  first major product release from Trading Central, since their acquisition  of Recognia in 2015.  This offering merges nearly twenty years of expertise in  forex markets with the pattern recognition trusted by leading equity brokers worldwide since 2000.

As has become the standard for Recognia innovations,  Featured  Ideas™ boasts a seamless user experience that allows traders to easily track targets in real-time whether it be at home on a desktop or on-the-go.  Through a combination of automated and personalized settings, users receive up to ten trade ideas based on the automated real-time analysis.

Featured Ideas helps traders:

  • Time and monitor their portfolios
  • Find trade ideas that match their unique needs
  • Learn about technical patterns and how to build a trade

Last month the product was made officially available to traders,  through Just2Trade’s online platform.  "We're  proud to support investor decision-making in innovative ways,"  said  Trading Central  Group  CEO  Alain  Pellier.  "We  believe Featured Ideas accomplishes this and Just2Trade is  the right partner to deliver it to today’s traders.”

The key features traders should look forward to include:

  • Custom Settings: Trades can filter for their favourite pairs, timeframes and analytics
  • Educational Commentary: Develop a foundation in technical analysis with the educational commentary which shows how each trade is put together, the different Technical  Events found and price targets to look out for. ‘Watch’ a trade idea to hang on to it and check back later, allowing you to see how that idea performed overtime.
  • High Conviction  Multi-Signal  Ideas: Trade ideas are  based on not only individual chart patterns, such as a  Triangle but confirmed by another  Technical  Event such as a  MACD crossover so you can see a greater weight of evidence and can make confident decisions.
  • Real-time tracking on Live Charts
  • Responsive and touch friendly

“I  believe that this new release from Trading Central and Recognia will be a breakthrough, not only  for market analysis but for the simple usability of its interface,” said Pavel Lvov, Chief Development


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