131 million data points and counting...

Transforming decades of proprietary insightful analytics into alternative datasets to improve your investment process.

Having generated and collected price pattern analytics since the late 1990s, Trading Central is a pioneer in the alternative data industry. This wealth of expertise is available to institutional investors through extensive datasets with unparalleled coverage.

Multi-asset Coverage of Global Markets

Our data sets cover equities, ETFs, futures and FX pairs across North America, Europe, Asia and most developing markets – comprising over 75,000 instruments. For example, our Pattern Recognition algorithms scan for 79 unique event types including textbook technical analysis patterns and Elliott Waves. Our databases are continually updated, adding an average of 16,000 new data points every day.

  • Updated Daily
  • Formats available include: XML, JSON, CSV, custom
  • Delivery options: Amazon S3 buckets, FTP and Secure FTP (SFTP)
  • Scalable architecture powered by Amazon AWS

Strengthen your market conviction.

Our data feeds are derived from behavioural analysis of price patterns since 1999 and grow by an average of 16,000 every day!

  • Create & augment investment strategies
  • Complement their portfolio building process
  • Optimize portfolio rebalancing
  • Systematically capture alpha
  • Refine risk management

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Our unique position as a premium research, tech & data provider has enabled us to generate proprietary investment analytics available nowhere else. Capture even more alpha with our bespoke solutions.

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